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Mensa IQ Tests with free parts.  

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Free IQ Game with Mensa problems. 


 Mensa, IQ and testing. 

  1. Examples. Visitors..  

  2. Real Mensa IQ test. 

  3. Bergman's versus Mensa.

Bergman Data was the years around 1980-2000 the most succesfull seller and developer of standardprograms in Europe. 

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Made by a top member of Mensa (Test certificate for Mensa test) directly after the test occasion.

With Mensa IQ Test we mean IQ test like Mensa.
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Why Bergman's IQ test?  


Example of some difficult problems whose difficulty level is usually only one per mensa test.




    mensa iq test problem 29             mensa iq test problem 36                mensa iq test problem 28




 Example of some moderate Mensa IQ test problems.




 mensa iq test problem 5                      mensa iq test problem 3            mensa iq test problem 12










































































































1. About the tests.                                                                                                 

The Mensa entrance test exists in two versions. One with 36 problems and time allowed 1 hour. Another with 45 problems and time allowed 20 minutes. However the tests are similar apart from that test 2 is much easier. Both versions are represented here but the first test is much harder and we find it more fruitful to solve hard problems for training purposes.
However, you can not improve your intelligence by training but you can improve your test result by getting used to '2D image' problems. 
For example; it has shown that a person who takes the test for Mensa entrance twice often has a better result at the second time. Up to 20 units more (for example from 112 to 132). It has been explained with that they by then are used to the test situation and the nature of the problems. 
As these tests are made very similar to the Mensa iq test I hope you will get used to it so that you will reach your top result earlier.  
Three complete iq tests with 36 instructive and "Mensa alike" problems each and one later test with 45 problems. One free Mensa IQ test. A description of the solutions to all the problems is also included. Time allowed for first test is one hour each and 20 minutes for the second (like Mensa) and they are all independent of language (culture fair).  An iq between 100-135 is calculated. The free iq test is equal to one of the three iq tests.

Most countries have only problems without numbers and words (culture fair). Unique problems that you have never worked with. In some countries, however, problems are added with numbers and words. These problems are not very fruitful to practice with because you have practiced them for years as part of the school work.

We find it fair that people who are used to the Mensa problem type not will have benefits from that when they take the Mensa entrance test..


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Real Mensa iq test procedure.

The problem solving works in the same way as  example from Bergman's iq test.  
However, in the real Mensa iq test you will have the 36 or 45 problems in a pad of paper and an answer sheet with 3  columns of 12 or 15 lines like the table to the left in the free test.
The test is watched by a test leader. He will instruct you not to spend too much time at one problem. 
All problems must be solved without aids. No paper or pencil or similar is allowed. 
You are not allowed to use your pen to solve the problems but only to write down the answers. However, you can put a character (for example a question sign) after the answer if you are uncertain and wants to go back and check it. This is a good help and that's why we don't use answers to click on. 
If you have solved all the problems right you have an IQ of 135 or more, reached by 1/100 of the population. However you only need 131 (or 1/50) to become a member of Mensa. 
Your age is also taken into consideration. The older the slower.






































3. Bergman's test versus the Mensa iq test.

The following properties are the same in Bergmans IQ test and the Mensa iq test:

The difference is that you don´t solve the problems at a PC in the Mensa iq test. Only paper and pen may be used. However the procedure is made as equal as possible.















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