Bergmans IQ tests                          Olov Bergman 

Online test:

Start IQ test 2   

Paper and pen:

Appropriate when a group of people to be tested simultaneously.

A test consists of a reply form and problems on paper.
All the testing is done via paper and pen.
Print the problems and the reply form on the printer. 
The tests are stored as Word-files or Wordpad files:


Copy and distribute the tests to the persons to be tested.
When the test time is over the answers (test forms) are collected.
The results are calculated by the online system.
The results are sent to the test persons. 


The solutions contain the right answers and a description of the solution for each problem. 

Solutions for IQ test 2

The Helper:

The Helper  is based on the fact that a Mensa test problem is built up of a limited number of objects, operations and properties that you can learn to improve your test result.  

Helper to solve Mensa test problems.