Most variations of Mensa IQ test problems including detailed solutions and Helper.

3 different iq tests with 36 unique problems each and  a description of the solutions to the problems and one test with 45 problems. An iq between 100-135 is calculated. A helper to solve IQ test problems is also included. The tests are constructed by members of Mensa with maximum test results. You can start the tests and run the 3 problems in red for free but no problems for test 4. If you want to run the rest  you have to pay. If you find it slow then you can download to run them offline. The tests will be made available immediately after the payment. As you have paid you can run the tests as many times as you like - online or offline (downloaded). Offline is much faster.

Start IQ test 1
(36 problems 1 hour)                Go to homepage           Pay

Start IQ test 2   (36 problems 1 hour)   You can run the 3 problems in red for each test for free.

Start IQ test 3
   (36 problems 1 hour)

Start IQ test 4   (45 problems 20 minutes).  No problems are shown.

The solutions contain the right answers and a description of the solution for each problem. 

Solutions for IQ test 1

Solutions for IQ test 2           You can run the 3 solutions in red for each test for free. 

Solutions for IQ test 3

The Helper  is based on the fact that a culture fair IQ test problem is built up of a limited number of objects, operations and properties that you can learn to improve your test result.
There you can study how one of the tests is completely solved with the Helper.

Helper to solve and construct Mensa IQ test problems.  
Free example of Helper usage. 

 IQ game based on Mensa problems. Time optimist or pessimist?