A view from Str�ngn�s, Sweden where we are located.

About ourself.

Bergman Data AB was my company from Sweden.

When I retired, I sold the company and now work on my own. 

Earlier I worked at Ericsson, IBM, Swedish Air Force etc.

I have read a lot of mathematics at Gothenburg university. And I am also engineer.

Then I constructed programs for word processing, spreadsheet and register.

They sold hundreds of thousands of copies and became very fast the most sold programs in Sweden and Europe.
As a matter of fact they sold twice as much as all the competitors together. However, this was in the 80's.

Then I tried the official Mensa test. Top result on the test (error free Mensa IQ test). As I was ready after half the time and saw that the problems were not like the Mensa tests on the net I spent the rest of the time to learn how the problems were built up. When I got home we made our own tests.

Then I constructed a unique IQ game based on Mensa IQ test problems. 

Olov Bergman