Bergman's limited IQ test.          Bergman Data    

This is only a third of a Bergman's IQ test and therefore we can only calculate an approximate iq score.
Click at the answer in the answer sheet and next-prev below the picture. The test is similar to the Mensa IQ test  and is constructed by members of Mensa directly after the test occasion. However The last three problems are so hard that there is usually only one such a problem in the Mensa test.

Before you start look at an example from Bergman's IQ test.
All problems must be solved without aids. No paper or pencil or similar is allowed. The layout with answer sheet is the same as the Mensa admission test.
Start the iq test like this:

In the real admission test (on paper) you write the number in the white square to the right of the problem number. 
You can do the same here.

When you are ready (not more than 20 minutes) click on Score.
As this test contains too few problems to calculate an exact IQ we prefer to give you the result like this:
10-12     IQ > 130    Mensa limit
  6-9       IQ > 110    Possible to reach the Mensa limit by training.
  0-5        Maybe your are not used to this kind of problems. Train to see how far you can get.

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